About Us

Co-Laborers with Christ was started in 2000 by Carlos Chacon and Bob Bennett.

Carlos and Bob have ministered in training pastors and church-planters in each country so that they in turn also work in the care of pastors, and pastor/mentor others to multiply the efforts in co-laboring with Christ in each of these countries and develop others for this ministry now and in the future.

Carlos & Bob represent two different sides of this unique organization.

Carlos is a pastor and church planter from Costa Rica who has been instrumental in planting more than 100 churches in Latin America and Spain. Bob has been a pastor and counselor and was on the mission field in Central America and Spain, but has returned to New England, as a base to launch from to the Latin/Spanish world , where he is active in the development of church leadership, mentoring and also counseling.

CWC believes that these two elements, planting strong churches and mentoring healthy pastors, are like two halves of a whole.


The time involvement and loneliness of the pastors and church-planters are very high and to meet the demands of their calling, often their spouses and their families and personal lives are forgotten or ignored.

Church planting strategy and progress requires the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit in relationships and advancement of the Kingdom of God.

It also requires that pastors and teachers have Biblical knowledge and solid Christ-like character. CWC tries to resolve this by accompanying key pastors and planters throughout Latin America and Spain to grow strong in their personal lives, restore and heal them from pain and abuse by past situations , offer new ways of doing church, increase their knowledge of the Scriptures and lead others in areas in which the Gospel needs to be extended.

“For we are co-laborers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.”

– 1 Corinthians 3:9